Bracket - An open source code editor for the web

I just attended a Meetup in NYC, where Adam Lehman of Adobe spoke about the new Bracket editor for the web. Bracket is written in Javascript, HTML and CSS and is intended for coding the same. It has the ability to connect with the Chrome browser, using the external debug capability, to update the display in the browser in real-time as the code is being modified. I believe he said that it currently supports real-time update for HTML and CSS, but Javascript is on the near-term roadmap. They intend to get that working with other browsers as well.

The project is an open-source project hosted on Github, and is updated by the Adobe team every 2 to 3 weeks. As an open source project they do accept and are looking for contributions from the open source community. Adam mentioned that they are using Trello for project tracking and it is publicly available to see what they are currently working on and what is in the pipeline.

John Oliva

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